About Juicey

Juicey is owned and trademarked by Fuson LLC and was brought to fruition in 2020 through the core values and goals below. Fuson LLC is a family owned and run company with a global reach working in Import & Export aiming to bring the products that people need into the communities. The global pandemic pushed the company to fully invest their resources into focussing on personal care products because they knew they had the capability to help the most this way. 




We hold our company and our products to a very high standard because we feel a sense of responsibility to our consumers. With hundreds of products on the shelves from companies sourcing their ingredients and labor from wherever is cheapest, we know how hard it is to trust what you put on your skin. In the midst of the pandemic, hundreds of unrelated foreign and domestic companies and individuals made their way into the market with products like hand sanitizer and many of those products fell through the cracks of FDA testing or monitoring. In a time where people should be helping their neighbor, some favored a quick buck instead. We want to reverse that process. We take pride in our products from ingredients to production to consumer and strive to spread the urge to help others by creating good products and making necessary personal care products accessible to everyone.

The more time we spend visiting grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retailers throughout the country the more we see the contrast in availability, price, and quality of personal care products. These items are staples for keeping your family feeling clean, healthy, and safe going out in public and we believe that everyone should have access to trusted, effective, quality products regardless of income, race, location, or any other factors. We are working hard to bring day-to-day products into our communities because we value all people and we know where we came from. By cutting out middlemen and being involved in the whole process of manufacturing, importing, and distributing, we're able to provide high quality products at an affordable price to everyone.

Our Promise

We promise to create and provide products of high quality. We promise to only source certified ingredients from government registered companies. We promise to produce using fair-trade practices and fair wages for all. We promise to never discriminate and to work tirelessly to provide everyone with essential personal care products. We promise to honor these statements with our core values in mind.

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Working in the Import & Export business and manufacturing for over 30 years



- Fair trade

- High tech

- FDA registered and listed OTC products

- Large FDA registered facilities trusted in manufacturing for Europe for years

- In close proximity to raw material

- Family & business partners testing product quality & overseeing production




- Ohio-based family owned company importing & distributing

- Distributing directly to local businesses as well as large online and in-store retailers

- Real person customer service

- 50% woman owned company