70% ETHYL ALCOHOL antispectic solution for top stregnth


ALOE VERA & VITAMIN E to hydrate and soften hands and protect from irritation


40 COUNT canisters fit in car cup holders and tight places and are great for travel or keeping in every part in the house


MADE IN TURKEY at an FDA registered facility with certified ingredients


HIGHER GSM (grams per square meter) means thicker wipes for tougher messes and more absorption


MAXIMUM SOLUTION for added Juicey-ness 

3 Pack- Juicey Alcohol Wipes Canister 40 Count

  • Juicey Alcohol Wipes Canisters contain 70% Ethyl Alcohol and no other active ingredients or harsh chemicals which make it safe on the skin as well as an effective antiseptic. This solution also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help keep your skin soft and protected from drying out even with prolonged use.

    Do not use a towel or any other measure to dry off your skin after use. For maximum effectiveness, let air dry. For maximum Juicey-ness, store the canister upside down before removing the seal under the cap.